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1980 TLB RECORDS | TLB-1000

It was 1978.  The Lighthouse Boys were approaching 4 years of singing together, some people in their home Church wanted to know how much it would cost for the guys to record their first album.  On June 30, 1978, they were in their first recording session at Buck Owens Recording Studio in Bakersfield, CA.  The Buckaroos were available to record the music for the album, however The Lighthouse Boys already had a band together, so they arranged for the Buckaroos to record the music for 5 of the songs, the other 5 would be recorded with their own band.  They brought in Steve Johnson’s cousin Candy Biagi for piano and 2 guitarists by the names of Gene Lawrence and Gaylord Dunn in addition to Gary Miller on Bass Guitar and Kenny Knight on Drums.  Buck Owens pianist and producer Jim Shaw would engineer and produce the complete album.

By 1979 The Lighthouse Boys were in the process of trying to finish the album and faced some changes within the band.  All though his Drum tracks were already recorded, Kenny Knight was still a teenager and his family was moving to Oklahoma and he was no longer available to play for The Lighthouse Boys.  Even though all the vocal parts were recorded Frank McNinch (their bass singer) had to leave the group as well as original member and lead singer Steve Johnson.  So, in the middle of finishing this album was also the first major lineup change in The Lighthouse Boys history.  Ken Edwards, already a friend of the guys was joining the band as the new Bass Guitarist and Lead Singer, he came into the studio and played some rhythm guitar to finish out the recording.  Jim Shaw mixed the album and in June 1980 The Lighthouse Boys first album was released to Vinyl.

Jim Shaw was quoted in The Bakersfield Californian’s story for “A 30-year musical journey” The Lighthouse Boys 30th Anniversary on February 1, 2004 as saying "They were fun sessions," and "I just remember they had a nice, gospel-flavored country sound and that we enjoyed working with The Lighthouse Boys."

Steve Johnson was quoted January 9, 2002 – “I was excited to know, that the Buckaroos were going to be involved.  We did a double track on my vocal on the Dark Haired Man.  I remember when we were recording it.  One of the guys didn’t think that I would be able to sing the same way both times.  But I did.

This album features 9 songs written by Mark Underwood & Steve Johnson including the first song they ever wrote together “He Does All This For Me.”  This album also features 1 song by a local song writer Ben Hynes “The Happiest Feeling”

Track List:
When The Saints of God Are Called T'ward Heaven
He Does All This For Me
The Dark Haired Man
Give Me More
The Happiest Feelin'
His Love Won't Let Me Go
When I Need Help
I'm Gonna Praise The Lord
He Raised Me Up
Just Call On Jesus

Recording Start Date June 30, 1978
Released June 1980

Mixed & Produced by: Jim Shaw 
Recorded at Buck Owens Studios, Bakersfield, CA.

Drums: Jerry Wiggins; Kenny Knight 
Bass Guitar: Doyle Curtsinger, Gary Miller
Keyboards: Jim Shaw, Candy Biagi, Mark Underwood 
Rhythm Guitar: Terry Christoffersen; Gene Lawrence, Ken Edwards 
Lead Guitar: Terry Christoffersen; Gaylord Dunn
Pedal Steel: Terry Christoffersen

Original Cover Art: Bryan Nordstrom
© 1980 TLB Records, Bakersfield, CA

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