1. For My Sin
  2. Jesus Meets My Need
  3. I Have the Victory
  4. I Can Do All Things
  5. Three Days Later
  6. Behold the Mighty Hand of God

The Lighthouse Boys went into Bakersfield Music School & Recording Studio (Bakersfield, CA) in 1990 to record six songs for a songwriters agreement for Mark Underwood, Steve Johnson & Ken Edwards with a song publishing company. The Lighthouse Boys decided to also use the music with selected songs from their very first album as a promotional cassette to send out to Pastors and Promoters. The guys began seeing a great response in concerts with the songs that it was decided to go ahead and release it for the product table.

The album went through three different changes in packaging. The final version of the cassette was re-formatted for CD and is used for the digital release.

Production Credits

Final Version Released August 1993

Executive Producer: Mark Underwood

Produced by: The Lighthouse Boys

Engineered and Mixed by: Reggie Langindorfer

Recorded at: Bakersfield Music School & Recording Studio, Bakersfield, CA

Keyboard: Mark Underwood

Rhythm & Lead Guitar: Bill Underwood

Bass Guitar: Ken Edwards

Drums: Stephen Underwood

Additional Guitar: Reggie Langindorfer

Additional Cover Art Re-Formatting: Stephen Underwood