Category: 1995

A BEAM FROM THE LIGHTHOUSE Hello again everyone! What a wonderful summer The Lighthouse Boys have been having.  We had a marvelous time at the last concert and if you missed it then you just missed it.  Things have been really busy for us almost every weekend traveling and meeting new friends, greeting old acquaintances […]

A BEAM FROM THE LIGHTHOUSE Hi Folks:Well I think summer is finally here, what do you think?  This has been some crazy weather we’ve been having this year.  I always like summer time because it’s filled with warm days and fun holidays and “VACATIONS!” Hope your 4th of July was a happy one.July finds another 5th Saturday […]

A BEAM FROM THE LIGHTHOUSE Hi Folks:OOOPPPSS!!!!! We dropped the ball! Our Newsletter for December never made it to the post office & we had several people express concern at not receiving one.  Sorry about that.  The holidays are very busy for everyone and the deadline slipped by before we knew it, our apologies.We had […]