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WAY OUT WEST (Bakersfield, CA) – The 10th Anniversary of the Bakersfield Country Music Awards Show was recently held at the Kern County Basque Club on November 6, 2016. The Awards show is held each year to recognize artists, past and present, who have dedicated themselves to presenting a type of Country Music originating in […]

THE LIGHTHOUSE BOYS SIGN WITH 4HYMN PROMOTIONS 4 Hymn Promotions is very happy to announce the first edition of its new West Coast Edition called 4 Hymn Promotions WC.   We are also excited to have on board some very good friends of ours the The Lighthouse Boys from Bakersfield California.  The Lighthouse Boys bring a […]

A 30-YEAR MUSICAL JOURNEY (Bakersfield, CA) Bakersfield’s The Lighthouse Boys celebrate three decades of gospel music By TERESA ADAMO, Special to The Californian Posted: Friday January 30th, 2004 “There are times when I feel down & troubled. There are times when my load seems heavier than before. There are times when I feel pain & […]

WE ARE THE KEYBOARD, GOD IS THE PLAYER “Bakersfield, CA was recently dubbed the 2nd most polluted city in the United States.  There may be a cloud of gray over Bakersfield, but there is plenty of light and laughter in the lives of the Lighthouse Boys of Bakersfield.  “We just look at each other and […]

JUST WEST OF HERE (Bakersfield, Calif.)—It seems when you start talking about groups in California, The Lighthouse Boys’  name always comes up.  They have been called “a refreshing breath of new life” in Southern Gospel  music. They are five men who are fired-up and dedicated to singing and traveling from one end to the other of a state that is 700 miles […]

A BEAM FROM THE LIGHTHOUSE October has been an exciting month for the Lighthouse Boys.  Plans have been set in motion for our next album to be recorded in early 1991 and everyone we meet is enthused at the news of the project.We had a wonderful time at the Kern County Fair’s Gospel Music Day […]

WEEKEND OF GOSPEL MUSIC (Victorville, CA) – Mayor Terry Caldwell has proclaimed Memorial Day weekend as the “Weekend of Gospel Music.” Caldwell presented the proclamation to Lois Gibbons, publisher of Gospel Music Roundup, at Tuesday’s city council meeting. To celebrate Gospel Music Weekend, Ken Grudzinski of Golde Eagle Enterprises will sponsor High Desert Gospel Sing. […]

FAIR-GOERS CAN TUNE IN TO GOSPEL MUSIC (Bakersfield, CA) The Gospel Show, will feature such headline entertainers as June Wade and the Country Congregation,  The Crownsmen,  The Albert S. Goodson Singers, master of ceremonies Dick Hilleary and a Bakersfield group, The Lighthouse Boys.      Miss June Wade is proclaimed by many as one of the […]

PENTECOSTS OFFER CONCERT BY BAKERSFIELD GROUP (BARSTOW, CA) – The Lighthouse Boys will be appearing in concert Saturday at the Pentecostal Church of God, 34664 Barstow Road. The Lighthouse Boys are based in Bakersfield, having formed the group six years ago. The group includes a five-piece back-up band and four vocalists, who use their talents […]

CONCERT IN SUPPORT OF WEST COAST GOSPEL NEWS (Victorville, CA) – A number of gospel music groups will join together next Friday at the First Assembly of God Church to lend support to the “West Coast Gospel News,” a new publication. Among the groups will be Apple Valley’s June Wade and the Country Congregation with […]