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BLESSED MIXINGS At the Lighthouse Boys’ booth (April 15th 2000), we enjoyed talking with Mark and Bill Underwood who were quick to point out  they’d been using a Mackie 1604 for a couple of years. According to Mark, “It’s been working real good for us.“ Bill added, “It’s a fantastic board… a real nice board”, Mark went on, “It’s […]

THE LIGHTHOUSE BOYS OFFICIAL WEBSITE LAUNCHES The Lighthouse Boys Announce the initial launch of their official website. The announcment went out through email via their email list and is hosted via American Online’s (AOL) “Hometown” Website Community.

A BEAM FROM THE LIGHTHOUSE Hi Friends:Well it’s time for another 5th Saturday Sing.  My what a wonderful evening we had last time.  If you weren’t there, then you missed out on some good fun and great Gospel singing.  The Songfellows Quartet from Southern California will be our featured guests this time along with Lisa Whittenburg from Exeter, CA.  I […]

A BEAM FROM THE LIGHTHOUSE October has been an exciting month for the Lighthouse Boys.  Plans have been set in motion for our next album to be recorded in early 1991 and everyone we meet is enthused at the news of the project.We had a wonderful time at the Kern County Fair’s Gospel Music Day […]

THE LIGHTHOUSE SINGERS BOOKED AT BUCK OWENS RECORDING STUDIO The Lighthouse Singers as they were known local, started recording sessions at Buck Owens Recording Studios on June 30, 1978. Jim Shaw was on hand to produce the album. The Buckaroos were hired for just the first five songs. Mark Underwood and Steve Johnson wrote all […]

THE LIGHTHOUSE SINGERS FIRST TV APPEARANCE The Lighthouse Singers made their first local TV Appearance on March 15 1975. The “March of Dimes Telerama” was held at the Bakersfield Civic Auditorium and went live on local Cable Channel 2. Nine Bakersfield Radio Stations were involved and several Gospel, Country and other artists made appearances from […]