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THE LIGHTHOUSE BOYS RELEASE SINGLE THROUGH PATTERSON PROMOTIONS (Bakersfield, CA) The Lighthouse Boys chose to send their latest song, “From Heaven’s Point of View,” to national radio through Patterson Music […]

SOUTHERN GOSPEL VETERANS THE LIGHTHOUSE BOYS RELEASE SINGLE THE SOUTHERN gospel and country group from Bakersfield, California, The Lighthouse Boys, who last year celebrated their 40th year in music, have released […]

THE LIGHTHOUSE BOYS RELEASE GOLDEN CLASSICS 2 The Lighthouse Boys NEW CD “Golden Classics 2” was released April 13th at The Great Western Quartet Convention in Sacramento, CA.  The twelve track CD […]

THE LIGHTHOUSE SINGERS BOOKED AT BUCK OWENS RECORDING STUDIO The Lighthouse Singers as they were known local, started recording sessions at Buck Owens Recording Studios on June 30, 1978. Jim […]